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Share your problem installing GlobaLeaks, if any, and let’s find a solution together.
Be sure to have read the Installation Guide, before posting.
It is very useful to have logs at hand in order to solve problems; you can collect them following these instructions:

cat /var/globaleaks/log/globaleaks.log
journalctl | grep -i globaleaks

Then activate DEBUG logging that way:

echo “LOGLEVEL= DEBUG >> /etc/default/globaleaks”

Then try to start again GlobaLeaks (always with init script, will not work from a normal user, unless you are developing or using advanced command lines):

bash -x /etc/init.d/globaleaks start 2>&1 >/tmp/startup.log

Now extract again those log files:

cat /var/globaleaks/log/globaleaks.log
cat /tmp/startup.log
journalctl | grep -i globaleaks