Advice and Config Testing


Hi people,

We are an academic freedom website that has recently been setup. You can see us here. We haven’t been going very long.

We would like to use Globalleaks to take submissions, and have a couple of questions.

  1. We are very concerned about remaining anonymous. What are the dangers of setting up globalleaks on a .onion domain in a traceable address. E.g. personal home broadband? Could it be found/linked to the owner of the broadband?
  2. If we instead raise funds to use a VPS would that be ok, we are thinking of orangewebsite as we use them already.
  3. Is there anyone that could test the config after we set it up?



Hello, here we are:

  1. We strongly discourage any “whistleblowing organization” that wish to stay anonymous, as per our experience is only the whistleblower that can stay anonymous, but not who is receiving the tips/leaks. That’s a matter of trust, how an anonymous whistleblower can trust an anonymous recipient?

  2. If you wish, join our slack channel at or on IRC on #globaleaks channel of and we will help you out with the review.

But please, consider point 1, we NEVER saw a successful digital whistleblowing activism initiative where who’s running it it’s anonymous themselves.


Well for now that is where we are sadly, for a number of reasons.

We will consider joining you slack/irc. Thanks.