Change reporting area


how can I change the fields in the reporting area (add fields) ?


Hello @gabrip

The fields are fully customable;
By default what you get is a not editable “Default” questionnaire.

What you have to do to implement a custom questionnaire is:

  • Create a custom questionnaire in the Questionnaires section
  • Attach the questionnaire to the specific context replacing the value “Default” for the Questionnaire attribute of the Context

Please let us know if you succeded and your feedback making it more clear!


Hi Gabriele,

you need to go in the Administration interface in Questionnaire Tab, create a New questionnaire, gives a name to it, then create a Step, gives a name to a Step, and then insider of a Step you can start adding fields with the questions.


Hi Fabio
I tried to create a new questionnaire, but the default fields remain on the user page (there are only two fields).


After you have created a new questionnaire, you need to associate it to the Context, so you need to click to Context, select the Context available, this will expand a settings-configuration area where you can “Associate” the new Questionnaire that you have just created.

Please let us know if this process-procedure works.


Hi Fabio
thanks for the reply I managed to change the fields.