Change the link target for LogoBox and display flags in LanguagePickerBox



I would like to change the target link for the image in LogoBox, as well as displaying flags next to the LanguagePickerBox.

I’m not really requesting these as features of Globaleaks, running some custom javascript to alter the page is perfectly fine for my use-case.

However, my custom javascript will only execute on the initial page load. This makes perfect sense, because it’s just injected as a script-tag at the bottom of the page. So whenever there is a reload, for instance if the whistleblower changes the language, my script will not run. I’m wondering if there is some way to always execute my custom javascript, even after a reload. Perhaps by submitting my functions as a callback to something or listening on some event?


hello @tobiasgw

actually it is not currently possible to make what you are suggesting but we will try to see how it would be possible to send you an event for something similar.

what is your current need for executing your script again after a reload?


Thank you for getting back to me.

My need for executing the script after reload is to make the same modifications to the DOM (in my case to display a flag for the selected language and change the target link of the header image). Any changes I make to the DOM will be “undone” after a reload, because the entire DOM will be re-rendered. Having an event emitted after Angular has completed the rendering would be great.