Context type selector gone

What happend to the posibility to choose list, tiles etc in the Advanced Settings for the Context content type? I can see in version 4.1.16 it has been removed, which is very unfortunate, as we have a site (still on an older version) which worked very well with the list type, and the site owner wants the list type, as they find it better.
All current formattings for any logo’s in the Contexts will be awkwardly changed and sizes is looking bad, which I know they wan’t to revert back, but there’s nothing I can do about it. It was present as an drop down box option right under the option: Show contexts in alphabetical order.
And why has it been removed? I’ve done testing to upgrade, and for the moment I can not recommend upgrade from and old version 3.6.16 to 4.1.16, as the complete setup done will be crushed, and we will have to go through long meetings about how the layout should be. The list type, works so well for the setup.

2: There used to be a drop down selector right under nr. 1

This is the screenshot from version 3.6.16, this is the dropdown i’m missing in the newest version: