Create multiple globaleaks sites on simgle server


i have upgrade to 3.0.8 .
i wont Implement multitenancy support enabling to create multiple globaleaks sites on a single server process.
Please help me.


please help me.



That’s a new major feature just released few weeks ago, you need to enable “experimental setting” in the “advanced setting”, then enable “multi-site feature” and then a new left-panel will pop-up to let you create multiple new sites.

We still have to make the relevant documentation to do that, if you would be able to help in improving


Hello Fabio,
thanks fot you replay.
the version 3.0.8 have this features:
Implementation of advanced Whistleblower Identity Management
_ compliant with Italian Anticorruption Authority Specs ANAC)_
Implementation of Custodian for Whistleblower Identities
_ compliant with Italian Anticorruption Authority Specs ANAC_

how do I activate these features?


please help me!



With the latest version are already activated by default, you only need to:
a) create a questionare containing a field of type “whistleblower identity”
b) creare a custodian user
c) enable custodian user under the “whistleblower identity” field configuration

Please let us know if this fix the issue


in GL 3.6 i don’t find a field of type

“whistleblower identity”




Gentile Zazzati, la domanda che cerca la trova cliccando il bottone: ‘Aggiungi domanda da modello’


@evilaliv3 perfetto, grazie