Custom Homepage Not Existing in Software version: 3.6.10

Hello I got to notice that my installation can not allow an option to upload the custom page. I have designed one already, but when I upload it, it does not update the homepage. Any help?

Hey Jes,

actually that feature has been re-engineered and is not implemented the same way it was in the old when it was used for:

To use such feature you should procced like the Barcellona City all do:

Feel free to ask if you have any further question.

I need help on how to set a custom page

@jestboniface: you could try to look at those resources:

This is something very important for the users, which did not get documented in the changelog.

@evilaliv3 The github example you provided is a repo which is mostly in spanish, and it’s not clear WHERE you can find an example on how to set a custom_homepage( a feature available in previous version).

Basically you just gave a 50% answer, stopped in the middle of a sentence. @evilaliv3 If you want to help, please go all the way.

This is still a blocking issue, a breaking change from V2 version, undocumented and without any proper answer on forums or github issues.
Besides providing a repo commented entirely in Catalan, is there any other documentation resource available at the moment?