Disable mail alert of new version

Good morning,
I have a little question: there is a way to disable mail alerts for the new version of GlobaLeaks?
I mean, mail generated from the following template: “software_mail_available_mail_template”
I haven’t found any related asks in documentation.

Thanks in advance,
Carlo Solari

Any ideas? Suggestions?

Good morning @CarloSolari

At the moment it is not possible to disable selectively email notifications.

I recognize this feature as valuable in general but in relation to the specific threat model of the whistleblowing and in relation to security I would advise to not disable notifications of new versions that has been implemented specifically to encourage sysadmins to keep the software up to date.

I invite your to clarify the use case opening a ticket on our ticketing system: https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/issues

Best regards,

Giovanni Pellerano