Error! Resource can only be accessed via the Tor Network


Hi everyone
When I go to my .onion url (after a fresh install) and I press the “Blow the whistle” button I get “Error! Resource can only be accessed via the Tor Network”. Of course I am using Tor browser and I also got the message on top that says me that it seems I’m using Tor Browser.
What did I do wrong? Do you know how I can fix this?


Have you enabled “Allow whistleblower submissions via HTTPS” in “Network Settings -> Access Control” tab?


Thank you! I thought that that setting could be referred to HTTPS only and not to connections via Tor.

Everything is working now, thanks!


Hi @francesqo this was a bug that we have fixed in v2.67.9 which we are releasing today.

See the ticket 1982 for reference.


Great! I’ll look forward for this update and try again. Do I update via apt-get? Or there’s another way?


Yep its normal to use apt-get update

You can also install unattended-upgrades if you’d like to update daily without input.


Hello @nskelsey, I installed v2.67.9, but it didn’t fix the bug.


I was wrong. It works.


@nucleus thank you for coming back to confirm that it works.