Error when using Let's Encrypt in Automatic configuration


So there is no way to use that cert for other programs… I was thinking about installing a TLS enabled mail server on the same machine and it would have come handy to use the letsencrypt certs installed by Globaleaks.

Thankyou anyway,



Yes actually it will never be possible to export automatically that certificate automatically due to some design choices but you can have multiple certificates for the same domain.

What you can do is:

  • install acme on the same machine
  • configure acme to require an additional certificate for the same domain or a different domain mounted on the same ip
  • configure a cron scheduler for performing periodic renewal during which shutdown/restart both postfix and globaleaks (because the port 80 should be reachable during renewal)

We generally discourage to use the server for something different from globaleaks to not impact on its security.


I was also facing the same issue after that I take a help of
Tp-link support number to solve my issue quickly.