Extending Whistleblowers access to a submission



A reciever can extend a submissions expiry date, but that doesn’t give the Whistleblower access to the submission, beyond what is defined in “Amount of days till whistleblower access expires” fx.:

Expiry days for submission is fx. 60 days, and whistleblowers access also expired after 60 days. But if a reciver extends the expiry date (as I can understand, it will automatically use the number of days defined) - in this case it will be 60 day later on), the whistleblower will not be able to access the submission, since his/hers access only last for fx. 60 days.

Is it possible to implement for a reciever to be able to extend a whistleblowers access to a specific submission, or implement that whistleblowers access for a specific submission also extends.

The reason for this, is that it will not make sense to extend the submission expiry date, if you can’t communicate with the whistleblower.


@mryber: your suggestions makes sense.

The reasons why we currently decouple the whistleblower access from the tip expiration is that sometimes the expiration of the submissions is set to a longer period (in terms of years).

We could definitely postpone automatically the period of the whistleblower access by the same time set.

E.g. supporing the two times to be 3month and 10 years we could keep just one postpone button but:

  • renew the expiration for the access by the whistleblower access of 3 months
  • renew the expiration of the tip by 10 years.

Would this work for you?


@mryber: for suggestions like these feel free to open a ticket directly on github: https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/issues


@evilaliv3 - Yes that would work if you can implement ‘postpone the whistleblowers access to a tip auotmatically’.

As an addition, I’d like to make a feature request on this to extend the feature to:

The recipient can choose the length of the extend period on a pr. month basis pr. tip, and still have that aligned with the Whistleblowers access. - In that case, you will not end up in a situation where the lifetime of a tip on e.g. 2 years will become 4 years, when extending the period. For smaller amount of lifetime, that might not be a problem, but if it doubles up automatically, you will end up in maybe too long lifetimes. (Did this make any sense? :slight_smile: )

Should I create a ticket on github for the feature request?


Thank you for the feedback!

What you propose is ideal and i’ve opened a ticket here: https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/issues/2510

If you agree the period of the renewal could be the same configured in the Advanced Settings.

Thie way the settings in total will be:

  • Context settings: data retention policy time (days)
  • Advanced settings: whistleblower access expiration time (days)
  • Advanced settings: ‘automatically postpone the whistleblower’s access when recipients postpone submission’s expiration’ (boolean)

would you like to proceed by yourself with a pull request or as an alternative would it be possible for you to sponsor this implementation?