Globaleaks behind Nginx reverse proxy

Hi, I would like to expose our Globaleaks behind our Nginx reverse proxy (that resides on a separate virtual machine), like we do with other websites. I tried to configure Nginx as I usually do with other websites:

location /globaleaks/ {
    proxy_pass http://globaleaks.internal/;

but I receive an HTTP error 400 (Bad request) when I try to open the homepage. Direct access to Globaleaks works normally.
Are there any special configurations needed to put Globaleaks behind an Nginx reverse proxy?

Good morning @egobrc,

thank you for your question.

Actually your configuration is an atypical configuration in the context of globaleaks because of many privacy issues for this reason if you would proceed with a revers proxy configuration please consider that you should well configure NGINX to disable every log for this path.

In order to debug the issue in detail would you please attach the logs /var/globaleaks/log/globaleaks.log and /var/globaleaks/log/access.log?

I invite you to open a ticket on our ticketing system where we could more efficiently work on this:

thank you!

Hi, I opened an issue:
Have a nice day