Globaleaks not visible through http or https



I am having some difficulty to open global leaks on a normal website through http or https.
from the moment I installed global leaks I was only able to open it though Tor.
The guide mentions that I should be able to login from a normal browser using the address
http://??.??.??.??/#/login but if I try using this address (with the correct IP address) it opens a default page of Plesk saying that there is no Web site at this address.

Also from the configuration panel, if I try to configure https using my hostname I get the message " Attenzione! La piattaforma sembra non essere raggiungibile con l’hostname configurato"

Is there something that I must do in Plesk itself? Any help would be appreciated


To VPS or not to VPS?

Plesk is a panel for hosting, so it means that the IP address that you are pointing to is not your server or the port 80 and 443 is not mapped to your server.

Please check that the server is reachable on port 80 and 443 directly, without any Plesk in the middle.

Is this a virtual private server with a dedicated public IPv4 address?


How can I check if port 80 and 443 are mapped to the server?

Yes, it is a private server, bought on Aruba, with a dedicated IPv4 address


I really do hope you are able to help me with this. The IP address of the server is used to open Plesk, and it is the only IP address I have. Therefore if I try to reach Globaleaks from IPaddress/#/login it opens the Plesk default page.


Until you manage to have globaleaks to be reachable on port :80 and port :443 is not possible do to anything, i suggest you to send a support request to Aruba or to switch to another VPS provider (ie: or or that gives you a fully allocated and exclusive IP address.


If I do not get the help I need from Aruba, and should choose to switch to another provide, I wan to make sure it is the right one! I was at the ova website, at the following address:
I just wanted to make sure… would the first option (the 2,99 per month one) be sufficient? Are you able to give me confirmation about this? I am really sorry for all these questions, I just want to make sure that I do not encounter other problems once I decide to change provider.
Thank you


good enough, globaleaks doesn’t need big resources, just select a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, as long as it has a dedicated IPv4 address


Ok, thank you. This option is also cheaper than Aruba