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Please help me

root@segnalazioni:~# ./
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Checking preliminary packaging GlobaLeaks requirements

Dear @fwppe,

In the previous days we have considered deprecating completely the support for Ubuntu 16.04 because of many missing requirements now available in the more updated Ubuntu 18.04 and in the new best recommended distribution officially supported by the project: Debian Stretch 10.

Updating to ubuntu 18.04, due to some differences with the ubuntu 16.04 (expecially the change of python support from python2 to python3) requires a fresh opering system install and the migration of the directory /var/globaleaks on the new system. This is a straightforward procedure that will take you not more than 20 minutes if followed as i described here: This was already summarized here:

Practically you can do the following steps:

  • shut down globaleaks on your current system with: /etc/init.d/globaleaks stop
  • make a backup copy of your /var/globaleaks with tar zcvf globaleaks.tar.gz /var/globaleaks
  • Instantiate a new server (I suggest Debian Buster 10 as now choosen as officially supported distribution for its more secure configuration and defaults) and assign to the new server the same IP address of the previous setup
  • copy the /var/globaleaks directory from the current setup to the new server
  • run the install script
  • at the end of the installation script globaleaks will boot up performing an automatic and straightforward migration

Please let me know in case of doubt.