HTTP warning nag screen


On default install accessing via the onion address, this warning displays continuously. Is that the intention?

“Warning! The connection is not secure.”
“The platform is still not configured for HTTPS connections and should be used just for testing purposes.”


It should be a bug of a yet incomplete implementation of .

I reported your post on the ticket, as the warning shall not display on .onion but only on HTTP in clear-text to prevent any whistleblower to report insecurely submissions, before enabling HTTPS.


Happened just a few days ago, so its one of the latest updates.


@taipo this should have been fixed in 2.70.1 released few days ago.

could you confirm that?

the patch was the following: @fpietrosanti @Taipo


Not fixed. New install still pops the nag screen


Bug identified @taipo

The issue is happening currently on every Tor connections, i’m working on the patch an we will issue a new release by the morning.



@taipo: a bugfixed release 2.71.2 is out

Would you please check if it fixes your issue?



Fixed thanks…