HTTPS on multiple Globaleaks sites

Following installation guide and forum suggestions, I’ve succeded in activating (and using) 3 Globaleaks sites on the same server.
I’ve also noted that the difference between first (default), second and third site is the presence, after the hostname, of “/t/2” and “/t/3” for the addedd sites.
Then I’ve configured HTTPS on default site and this also works fine.
What definitely I’m not been able to do is configure HTTPS on the other 2 sites: when I click on Verify after entering Hostname, I always get
Warning: The platform does not seem to be reachable with the configured hostname
Could someone put me in the right direction? Thanks in advance

Thank you @eos for reaching out to us.

To configure HTTPS on your secondary tenants you should have pointed the DNS for their related domain to the IP of the server. Have you already made that? If yes try to reach them directly via their respective domain, log in as administrator and check if the error persists.

We invite you to join our community on slack:; Here you could find a large set of users and professionals that could share suggestions.


Giovanni Pellerano

Thanks Giovanni.
I already have DNS records pointing to the right IP.
Anyway, just to remove any doubt, I’ve created a completely new DNS record (my previous trial has been done with 2 different hostnames on the same domain) on a different domain pointing to the same IP, but the problem remains.
Following your suggestion I’ll try to join to slack community to see if someone could help me.
Tiziano Martelli