Internet Explorer 11 - User management with GPG keys


Just a quick question, Internet Explorer 11 (11.0.9600.19137) and user management seems to be no problem, for basic user management, but for users with an attached GPG key, when clicking on edit user, the following is seen:

  • Save button doesn’t show up
  • Username field is empty (even though it shows the username) and is said to be Mandatory
  • Name field is filled out, but it still says it is mandatory
  • Email address is filled out, but it says it is mandatory and that the email address is invalid.

No matter what fields I try to change, the save button doesn’t show up, and I cannot click on anything else.

It works fine in fx. Firefox or Google Chrome, but the officielt connection to the solution, as is today, is through a proxy solution with IE11. That means, that we cannot Reset user password.

I can try to find a test machine and see if I can re-create the issue, but with no data that needs to be scrambled. Just wanted to know if anyone else has this issue through IE11.


Did this issue get solved, or is IE11 not a concern anymore?

It never got solved, and it is still a concern… unfortunately