Let the platform be reachable without Tor via HTTPS [Still shows a warning]


I have confirgured the GL Platform for https on a domain. I have equally checked the box for

“Let the platform be reachable without Tor.”

But the warning

It appears that you are browsing this site without any extra privacy and security!
You are strongly advised to visit this site using the desktop app called Tor Browser, that protects your identity.
Download the Tor Browser
Then, copy and paste the following address into the Tor Browser: …onion


It only shows when you are not loggedin. I needed this hidden now.


Hi @jestboniface
i think you have to flag the “disable privacy panel” in advance configuration menu… try it

Have a nice day…


Aight!!! thanks @andrea290465

So I’m good to uncheck this option?

“Let the platform be reachable without Tor.”


…check “disable privacy panel”
if check, you should not see the suggestion to use TOR anymore


I already fixed that!! @andrea290465 was simply asking the functionailty of that checkbox under Tor in Network Settings