Modify code to enhance usability



I’m wanting to modify the code to allow assigning and re-assigning recipients, make a comment private, allow certain recipients to see all cases, track who’s been assigned to cases, track statuses,

Need help immediately.


Hello @scottharbin!

Which information would you need?

The ticketing system that hosts the code is at:

I invite to you to look at the knowledge already documented and get back to me if you need assistance.

Many of the features you are currently mentioning are already described and analyzed and it is likely that you will find some good starting point.

After looking at the existing tickets i invite you to create new tickets for each of the topic you would like to address and dump there your ideas. Me or other members of our team will get back to you and provided suggestions.

Which kind of project are you developing? Have you already implemented some modifictions that you would like to share via a pull request?


Giovanni Pellerano


Project is a whistleblower submission/hotline (anonymous) with multiple levels of recipients. Case Manager will get submissions but they need to assign to investigators.

I don’t see the obvious place to enable or allow changing of the recipient.


Also consider to join our development chat on Slack at


Thanks. I just logged on to slack.