Modify Identification Information template

Hello, I have the necessity to modify some fields from required in optional in the “Question Group” related the Identification Information Template.
It’s possible ?

TIA for the support.
Giuseppe Citro

Hello @giuscitr,

it is currently not possible to configure this aspects of the default whistleblowing identity field but you can override completely the template.

For this:

  • create a question with your questions (e.g. name, surname, telephone) and mark your questions mandatory as needed
  • take the id of that question (it is written inside its configuration, in the bottom of the interface)
  • configure this question in the Template override configuration of the Whistleblower Identity questionn that you have added in your questionnaire

Ok, thanks a lot the option (field required or not) now work correctly ! But the fields inserted don’t are showed in the receiver’s form, while they are showed in wisthleblower’s form when him require to review the tip using the code.
This’s related to some setting options or need to do another action ?


Thank you @giuscitr for reporting this.

This sounds to me a bug now solved in release 3.9.11.

Would you please check if you are still running a previous released and eventually update and see if the bug is solved also for you?


Giovanni Pellerano