Multisite addressing

I’m new to GL and I’m trying to configure multiple sites. I don’t understand totally how it works.

  • main domain is set on main admin panel, it’s only for creating sites
  • in the child sites I can set hostname but what can I use there? All sites are on the same ip so I can’t use subdomain, main domain is used already. I don’t have any idea.
    Any help will be appreciate.

Hello @Mariusz_Jakubowski

If you are building a “federated” project you can configure subdomains on the root tenant and have your sites address like name1.federatedproject.tld, name2.federatedproject.tld, name3.federatedproject.tld

If instead your want to build independent sites, just register new domain names and point them to the ip of the server. Then configure globaleaks and https to use those domain names.