Need help installing Globaleaks


Hi, I need help installing Globaleaks. After copy and paste the install script, I have this:

install-globaleaks. 100%[===================>] 50.36K 166KB/s in 0.3s

2018-07-20 20:44:15 (166 KB/s) - ‘’ saved [51564/51564]

It doesn’t looks like the installation is completed, what should I do next? Please help!



you seems you have downloaded the script twice! (i see it from the .2 part of the end of the file.

You should be now able to proceed with the following two commands:

chmod +x

In general the guide you should keep as reference is


Thank you, it works after reboot and start over again.


I wanted to install the Globaleaks. So, I asked g-suite tech support about this but they suggested me to ask here as it is the official place. I have downloaded the script just once as you have instructed. I also followed the commands as well which is mentioned above but somehow, it doesn’t work for me. Is there any solution or way to install the Globaleaks?