New installation errors


Upon completion of installation we get the following error:

?: Host not found

Running “apt-get install globaleaks -y”…FAIL


The following packages cannot be authenticated: tor tor-geoipd

There were unauthenticated packages and -y was used without --allow-unauthenticated

Globaleaks of course, was not installed.


If I manually install globaleaks from that point, it works but I have to manually allow the install of tor and tor-geoipd as unauthenticated packages.

Next problem then is the /var/globaleaks/torhs directory is not created and Tor is not configured correctly.


Is this a fresh new installation on an Ubuntu 16.04 ?

It maybe related to the latest package modification that require and force the installation of Tor from and something is missing here.

Would you be able to make a bash -x and report output?


hi @taipo,

As @fpietrosantii is saying for various reasons (technical as we now use ephemeral hidden services, and of security as the official Tor repository is the only one that includes the latest version of Tor) we switched using the official Tor repository.

During the install script the repository is added to your system (and this happened correctly) and then is fetched the GPG key that the tor project uses for signing the software.This second is the step that is failing that leave your system with the impossibility to verify automatically the packages that fetches from the tor repository.

The fact instead that the /var/globaleaks/torhs is not created is correct; This last version of GlobaLeaks makes useage of the tor control port for creating hidden services and reloading them; the keys are stored in the database of globaleaks and generated few minutes after the globaleaks startup.

I would suggest yo to try to understand why you got a DNS failure on the fetch of the keys (maybe you added some custom firewalling rules?) and re-run these commands:
gpg --keyserver --recv A3C4F0F979CAA22CDBA8F512EE8CBC9E886DDD89
gpg --export A3C4F0F979CAA22CDBA8F512EE8CBC9E886DDD89 | apt-key add -

Anyway by this morning we are releasing a new package bugfixed on some of the topics involved here and with additional debugging. I will update this post when it will be available.


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Doing the insatllation on the 16.04 LTS Linux ubuntu version and there is also the error is happening. Tried to contact Google Support if they are doing the same or not. But did not get any solution