Possibility to download leaks files in a bulk

Is there a possibility to download and decrypt all the documents/files attached in a leak?

This would save a precious time as the manual and one-by-one process is unnecessarily consuming time.

@SylvainFPU: this is already possible from the page of the tip.
On the icons on top you find the possibility to download an archive that contains all the information about the tipoff including the files that have been attached to the submissions.

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Do you mean this one? the “export button” ? It will export both the text and the attachments?

Yes exactly that one @SylvainFPU!

This is no longer working for us, since the last few updates. When we export the reports, the encrypted zip file only includes the report text; the attachments are not included. It did include the reports in the past. Currently running v4.7.10.

Thank you for reporting this, i’m going to look into this.

for next reporting of this kind please use the ticketing system: https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/issues

@oldgreg : actually i just retested on a testing testup and all seems to work correctly.

Are you able to reproduce the bug on try.globaleaks.org?

I will give it a try and let you know. Thanks for looking into this so promptly, and I’ll use the ticketing system next time.

Sorry about the long response time, but I have not been able to reproduce the bug on try.globaleaks.org.

Locally, I’ve tried uninstalling GlobaLeaks, then restoring the directory and doing a fresh install of the latest version (4.7.17), and then submitting a new test report with file attachments, but had the same results when I tried to export it.

I should note that all of our attachments are encrypted with the recipient’s PGP key, but this has been the case all along, and we didn’t have any issues until recently. I’ve noticed that under our /var/globaleaks directory, there are both “files” and “attachments” directories. Under the files directory are only two files, both dated from October 25, 2021. In the attachments directory are a larger number of files. All of the older ones here (dating up till 9/25/2020) start with a “pgp_encrypted-” prefix, whereas newer ones since then are named with a longer hash & .pgp extension. I just verified that export behavior is the same for older & newer reports.

The recipient is still able to download attachments individually from the reports as expected, they’re just not included in exports. Thank you.

Thank you @oldgreg .

The differences that you noted are actually correct and are due to changes in the software but from what you report i’m currently not able to reproduce the issue.

Does this download error happen only on old submission or only on new submissions or on both?

@evilaliv3 It happens on both old and new submissions. Thank you.

Thank you @oldgreg , actually this is quite strange.

When you download the archive do you get a file with extention .zip or with extention .zip.pgp?

@evilaliv3 the archive has a .zip.pgp extension. I should also mention that before, when the attachments were all included in the report export, that those were also encrypted and had .pgp extensions.