REST API Addressed externally?


A question I can’t find details on in docs anywhere - is there a way to address the REST API from external applications? (Example, adding a submission via an external app like one that can hand off Signal messages.)


Hi Max, which kind of integration idea do you have?

Actually there are no third party application integrated with the REST API, so it’s not very well documented (we did in past, but never maintained) for third party uses and the possibilities IMHO (but let’s listen @evilaliv3 that know the code) are:

  1. Leveraging the GLClient javascript code with some refactoring to use it’s methods
  2. Developing a new specific, minimalistic API, for what you wish to do

That’s just because for example when you do a submission there’s a Proof of Work in the GLCLient, there’s then some timing for anti-automation between actions to be taken care off and stuff like that, designed for human/browser based interaction that would require some changes here and there.

If you wish, you can join our slack on to chat of your ideas for integration :slight_smile: