Setup without localhost


I feel dim even asking this as I know I’m missing the blindingly obvious - but - I’m setting this up on my VPS for testing and cannot access / localhost and the guidance provided is:

“If you need to access the node directly on your public IP address, edit /etc/default/gloableaks”

Edit it to what? I can’t find that information anywhere.

I want to go through the installation process via the GUI, but need to know how to edit this file so as to access it via my IP / URL name.

Any help, very much appreciated.




Hi Stuart,

it seems that the documentation has not yet been updated, as we’re releasing major features of GlobaLeaks that provide built-in HTTPS support and Letsencrypt automatic digital certificate setup and maintenance.

You should be able to connect directly to the IP address of the server where you installed the software and then, the activation wizard will startup.

Let us know if that worked



Hi Fabio,

Thanks for your answer.

My intent is to spend considerable time security checking & reporting any issues I find.

Do you have a timeline for the new release. It might be worth our while waiting for that.




The new release is already out, so feel free to start auditing, we would love to get more and better security coverage!
I’m going to personally promise and ship good italian olive oil for any security bug spotted! :slight_smile:


Oh that’s super news & I love good Italian Olive oil :wink:

So (just to double check) if I install as per your github page I will already be getting the latest release:


Yes, good to go! Let us know how the auditing will proceed and if you need iteratively we will arrange a slack channel to assist you.

Here we have all the published penetration test reports, if you write one, we would publish it on


Super. Thank you very much and for all your help!