SSL renewal for two implementations

Dear Globaleaks,
Thank you for putting up in place such an important tool.
I’m trying to renew certificate for SSL as it has expired for around a month now and my two globaleaks implementations are not usable. Following our VPS host, we tried to use certbot from Electronic Frontier Foundation that takes care to automatically update the Let’s Encrypt certificate.
I stopped the process of globaleaks and then I produced two keys for both my websites and then restarted it again.
Unfortunately I don’t work anymore with the person that initially created the website and what they told me was that globaleaks handled the creation of the first SSL key by itself.
Could you please explain what should I do having a new certificate under the address of /etc/letsencrypt in order to have it automatically updated before expiration?
Thank you!

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Dear @ilanmanouach, actually globaleaks is able to renew certificates automatically but a bug prevented it to work correclty in the previous versions.

If you would like to test the latest version it should work and update automatically.