Submit button doesn't work after upgrade to 3.9.12

After upgrading from 3.9.11 to 3.9.12 the submit button (which is used to send an anonymous report) doesn’t work.

Initial Scenario

  • VM with Ubuntu 18.04.2 bionic
  • VM is in my DMZ
  • GL 3.9.11
  • Clients’ browser: Chrome, Firefox

Steps performed

  • update GL from 3.9.11 to 3.9.12
  • test the sending procedure, filling the mandatory fields. When I click the Submit button, doesn’t happen.

Attempts performed to resolve by myself

  • reboot VM, nothing happens.
  • run the complete GL install script, following this: T , nothing happens
  • clean re-installation of VM and GL, nothing happens.
  • change DNS record in my provider management panel (from “” to “”), nothing happens.
  • change the VM IP and name, nothing happens.
  • check my company firewall policies, nothing changed in the last months.


  • when the VM rebooting, the following message appears during shutdown: “a stop job is running for lsb start the globaleaks server (XXs / 5min)”; after 30 seconds or so, the reboot procedure continues and the VM is rebooted. See this: stop-job
  • when VM rebooting, the following message appears during power up: “failed to start postfix mail transport agent”. See this: failed-postfix

Thanks in advance for your support.
Carlo Solari

Thank you for reporting this @CarloSolari

Actually I do not think is related to the latest update that you mention but would you please open a ticket on our ticketing system? This forum is just for users discussions.

Thank you!

Sure, sorry for my mistake.

You are welcome @CarloSolari, thank you!