Unable to login as recipient

Good morning,
I’m using evaluation period to test system. I’have configured my own test area, I tried to register a submission and I correctly received email notification.
But, when I try to access to manage submission with recipient user, I can’t (using default password): error message is authentication failed. I try to login at his URL: https://lapatria.try.globaleaks.org/#/login.
What’s wrong? What am I mistaking?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards

Dear @mdwarw,

i previously misunderstood that you were installing globaleaks on your infrastructure and i guided you to using default credentials of the system.

While using try.globaleaks.org instead, you should have received your recipient credentials at the time you activated the platform. Please check your mailbox for the first emails received by the platform and you should find there all the information for accessing including the password for your initial recipient.


Giovanni Pellerano

Dear @evilaliv3,

thank you for your feedback. I checked in my email folders and I found (considered spam) information to log in. But, I tried recipient credentials and I get the same error (authentication failed). What can I do to solve?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

@mdwarf: as administrator you could reset the password on behalf of the user.

Log as admin and go to the section for configuring users.

Ok, i logged in as administrator and I found the way to manage recipient credentials (in the general data part of users section, I couldn’t fine the “recipient” user. Problem solved.

Thank you.