Upgrade 2.72.31 to 3.0.8 not start

i have the version 2.72.31.
I start the script for upgrade and recived thi error:

# ./install-globaleaks.sh
Checking preliminary packaging GlobaLeaks requirements
_ + apt-key requirement met_
_ + apt-get requirement met_
Detected OS: Ubuntu - xenial
Running: “apt-get update -y”… SUCCESS
_ + curl requirement met_
_ + netstat requirement met_
Running: “is_tcp_sock_free_check”… FAIL
Ouch! The installation failed.
For Professional Support requests please visit: https://www.globaleaks.org/contact/
Please report encountered issues to the Community Forum at https://forum.globaleaks.org

Please help me.


Hello @fwppe,

actually the current install script includes a check that check if the port 80 is busy and identify it as a problem.
the addition of this line is recent and i think is not compatible with the usage of the script for an update.

what you have to do before running the script for the update is to get sure that Globaleaks is stopped.

for example excecute /etc/init.d/globaleaks stop and then re-run the script and it shold work fine.

thanks for you replay,
i have start this command: apt-get update && apt-get install globaleaks
restart the server , and upgrade ok.!


The upgrade issue is still there and by the post, we can see that many users are also getting the same problem. The command line has to be executed according to the module and that is why the updated version is not responding.

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